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Parent Testimonials

Daegin has been enrolled at Little Angels Daycare since she was 6 weeks old and is now 2 ˝ . We find the staff to be caring, concerned, open to ideas/suggestions and flexible. The staff at Little Angels knows Daegin’s likes and dislikes, they look for new challenges and they help prepare her for transition from one class level to the next.

Robert & Felancy G.

Samantha started attending Little Angels Daycare when she was 2 ˝ years old. Since then her speech has improved dramatically, she has made a couple of “best friends”, and she is learning how to interact socially with both children and adults. The most important reason she is still attending Little Angels Daycare is the incredible nurturing and genuine caring she receives from her teachers.

Every day as I leave her, I feel confident that any tears will be soothed away, she'll get a great big hug, and a smile will appear on her face. She loves her teachers, I couldn't ask for more than that.

Catherine R.

As a single mom of twin girls, I tried several daycares before I found Little Angels Daycare which met the needs of my family. My girls have been with Little Angels Daycare for over 2 years now, and enjoy it very much. They have made quite a few friends and look forward to going to school every morning. I really like that Little Angels Daycare has a preschool curriculum, it has helped my girls through artwork, playing dress-up, using imagination and helping them learn their alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors.

My girls have learned to be kind to one another and that everyone at school is their friend.

Monica N.

We tried numerous daycare centers looking for the “right fit” and were just never quite convinced that we made the right choice until we found Little Angels Daycare. From the first moment we visited, Jackson was making friends and having fun. Six months later and he is well on his way to being ready for kindergarten and most importantly he looks forward to going to “school” to see his favorite teachers and friends. I feel as though we have a close connection to Jackson’s teachers and look forward to his daily “report card” so that we can recap his day and look forward to his events. Whenever we or the teachers have a concern, the open lines of communication allowed us to discuss the issues and come to a resolution that was in Jackson’s best interest.

Donnie & Stacie S.

Little Angels Daycare provides convenient locations and hours, with no closing for vacations, sickness or snow days. The friendly staff provides and educational base to each day structured through play. These are all things that I did not receive from a home daycare.

Gayle D.

My experience with Little Angels Daycare is one I wish on all parents. Let’s face it, in today’s world a high percentage of both parents need to work to own a home, a vehicle or even to survive. It has never been easy for me to leave my children with someone else all day. My children consider Little Angels Daycare their “second home”. They enjoy going to school and participating in activities. This is all accomplished by the staff that genuinely cares; comforts and educates the children. Little Angels staff assists with drop offs as well and welcomes any comments and concerns. All of this makes a positive and worthwhile experience. It’s nice to not have to worry about your children all day.

Kristin A.

We are very pleased with the structured program implemented by Little Angels Daycare that allows children, of all ages, the opportunity to grow and learn as individuals while socializing in a group dynamic. Little Angels Daycare provides an environment that recognizes personal individuality, promotes peer interaction, and serves the unique needs of every child in a loving and caring way all contained within a safe and secure facility.

Darren & Lisa B.

Little Angels has meant much to my family. As a first time mom, it was important that a daycare be close and accepts a young infant. My daughter receives wonderful care.

Samantha B.

Choosing just the right preschool for my daughter was very important to me. I wanted to find just the right place where she would get the personal attention she deserves. I visited several preschools in our area and spoke with many parents in my search for just the right place for us. As all parents know, this is a big step for a “big” “little “ four year old. A child’s safety and development are very important, and I found everything I had hoped to find for my “Little Angel” at Little Angels Daycare & Preschool. Nothing makes me happier when we are getting ready in the morning than to hear, “Momma, hurry up, my school is waiting for me” and at the end of each day she excitedly tells me what she has learned and what fun things she did.

Laura M.

Little Angels has been the only daycare center I have trusted to care for my daughter. Because of their open door policy I was able to successfully breast feed for a little over a year. My daughter’s pediatrician has made many exclamations of how advanced Kaydence is with her language skills and comprehension of small tasks. I feel that if my daughter did not have the great staff at Little Angels working with her daily in conjunction with us at home, she wouldn’t be so advanced.

Nikki D.

Brody has been attending Little Angels Preschool comes home excited every day. He can’t stop talking about all the things he has done. The teachers are always actively involved in what the children are doing, and often I see them playing along with the children. Brody has become more independent and outgoing and of course has made a lot of new friends.

William & Angel B.